This petition is raised due to continued concerns raised by many residents in Sharnbrook Ward, but recognise there are many other road users from the wider community share the same concerns. It is important to refresh on what we already have learned from previous appraisals.

Please take part - this runs until the 3rd January 2018

20:55, 15 Dec 2017 by Sue Bottoms

Bedford Borough Local Plan 2035


You will hopefully be aware that the Local Plan includes the option for new settlements. Four key sites have been highlighted including Twinwoods, Thurleigh airfield and Sharnbrook/Souldrop. The fourth site is around Wyboston.

The Borough are due to make a decision over the sites within the coming months. Needless to say all have the potential for increased traffic volume, however, only Twinwoods includes the provision of a by-pass around this village. Neighbouring Parishes are concerned over the potential impact and although the consultation period has closed, are suggesting that any resident who is concerned or opposed to these proposals should contact the Mayor or members of his executive. Their contact details are included in a 'flyer' produced by Ward Councillor Alison Field-Foster, which we have posted on the Parish Council website, alongside our own, for your information.

Milton Ernest Parish Council continue to only support the potential development of the Twinwoods site for housing over any future commercial use, particularly when such use will be unlikely to include alternative traffic routes.

To see the flyer by Ward Councillor Alison Field-Foster click here

To see the flyer by Milton Ernest PC click here

10:07, 05 Oct 2017 by Sue Bottoms

The audit for the year ending 31st March 2017 was completed on the 4th September 2017.  If any local elector wishes to inspect the accounts, please contact the Clerk.  A copy of the Annual Return can be found under "Financial Documents"

21:25, 22 Sep 2017 by Sue Bottoms


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