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Living with Dementia? – Here is some information that may help you:

The Tibbs Dementia Foundation is a local charity dedicated to providing a range of support services & activities for people living with all stages of dementia (or significant cognitive impairment) and their family carers & supporters. Carers in Bedfordshire also offer Dementia Befriending two-hour visits, to give a regular break to those looking after people with Dementia. This is just one of a range of services offered to Carers by this organisation.


Carers Grants - Unpaid carers can apply for both two types of grant to access a break, activity, service or training that will improve their health or wellbeing. These are:


Full Carers Grant - There is no maximum amount you can apply for but a panel is unlikely to award more than £300.

Fast Track Grant - The maximum amount you can apply for is £120. Carers can apply for two Fast Track grants per year.


The Mobility Hub – This has now opened in Bedford bus station for the hire of electric scooters & wheelchairs. If you are a regular user, you can become a member for an annual fee & get a discount.

Power of Attorney refunds – Almost two million people in England and Wales could be entitled to a partial refund of their Power of Attorney fees, after the Office of the Public Guardian overcharged them for applications. Those who made an application for Lasting Power of Attorney between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2017 were charged too much in fees and could now be owed up to £108 each.

The Silverline Helpline – everyone can feel lonely from time to time, but for many older people, loneliness is an ongoing issue. The Silverline provides a wonderful service where a volunteer phones once a week for a friendly chat. They also offer a letter writing service, where regular correspondence is exchanged between a volunteer and an older person.

Want to save money on your water bill? – Anglian Water can provide and install water-saving ‘bits and bobs’ which can cut your annual bill by as much as £40.

Free Home Security – make sure you don’t let any unwanted bogus callers into your home by getting a free door chain fitted by the Bobby Van Scheme. He can come and fit home security devices including door chains, door viewers and window locks. He can also fit smoke alarms and replace old ones. This service is offered to people over 65, and although it is free, donations are gratefully received.

For information about anything listed here, or if you need help filling in any benefits forms, then please call your Village Agent in confidence on:

Freephone 0800 039 1234

This is an answerphone service, so please leave your name address & telephone number, & we aim to call you back within 48 hours

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